Welcome to Archaic, I hope you enjoy your experience here.

01. Shame (opening) 0:00
02. When It Hurts (w/ Hellion) 3:06
03. Tongue In Full (ft. Pearl White) 5:56
04. The Colour of Suffering (intermission) 8:44
05. Sonder Dusk Wilted (w/ Mirvzh) 11:22
06. In The Realm of Senses (w/ Holy Sword) 14:25
07. Remember Love (closing) 18:20
PLAYERS (in order of appearance)
Hellion @hellionn
Pearl White @pearlywhite
Mirvzh @mirvzh
Holy Sword @holysword

Thank you all for listening, download here https://heavy-hearts.bandcamp.com/album/archaic



BYE ART 🗿💞💞💞💞💞 (at Utopian Slumps)


susan cianciolo photographed by vanina sorrenti

fashion/cinema biennale di firenze 1998

(Source: hellaween)


The Sound of Silence with @mentaylunares

For more images of Paula’s photographic soundtrack, follow @mentaylunares on Instagram.

Clarinetist Paula Amenta (@mentaylunares) from Mar del Plata, Argentina has always enjoyed capturing silence, in both her music and her photographs. “My favorite moment at concerts is the silence before the music begins,” she says. “I love the anticipation and the quietness which suggests so many things.”

Paula is also inspired by album covers. “They are as important as the music they contain,” she says. “My boyfriend is a musician and is recording an album, so I’m always shooting photographs which could become album covers.”